50 Cents Pricing Rates

Pricing may change slightly after reviewing the actual work. It all depends on the amount of formating needed to be done (such as bold, italics etc.) also full lines on page and no spaces or paragraphs can make cost higher as it means more typed words per page. Legibility of work is another factor (is it readable) etc.

Our page pricing is based on pages of normal letter size pages and single line spacing.

STRAIGHT COPY TYPING (font size 14/12

0.50 USD per typed page and 0.25 cents half page - Font 14

0.60 USD per typed page and 0.30 cents half page - Font 12


0.65 USD per typed page and 0.35 cents half page

Sometimes if the handwriting is clear we may charge less than the 65 cents or just do it in font size of 12. We decide after seeing the work.

BULK WORK (800 pages and up

0.55 USD (font 12) per typed page

Typing your work in a smaller font such as font 12 for the low price of 55 cents allows you to save. Normally 60 cents cost per page will cover work done in font size 12.


There is also a transaction fee 2-4% that may need to be covered according to the payment system you choose. For instance if you decide to pay via credit card or debit card we add the transaction fee for our payment processor online. There may be no fees for checks, bank deposit or cash payment. 

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