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There are some questions that we are asked more frequently than others, so we have listed them here for your convenience.  If you have any question that is still unanswered please feel free to contact us by email.

Why Choose You?

50cents Typing provides the typing and formatting you need at a conveniently low cost and spares you time to handle other important affairs.

What Are Your Store Hours?

We are open on Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm central time. 

Do You Do Rush Orders?

Yes we do rush orders at an additional cost.  Please contact us for more information.

What currency do you accept?

Payment for our work is accepted in US currency through Money Bookers, PayPal, Direct Deposit and Western Union.

Is it really 50 cents for a page?

Yes! But go check out our pricing rates in the price tab above. There may be specials, DISCOUNTS, etc

When do I Pay?

 Payment must be sent upon completion of work before we can send you the full document. As soon as you decide you are ready and you are satisfied with the free sample page we sent you for your review, we will shoot you an email with an invoice, but only after all the work is completed. It is difficult to give a pricing before that.

 What Is The Difference Between Copy Typing And General Typing? 

Copy typing is when a typist retypes text in exactly the same wording as the given work.  Such text includes manuscripts from authors and other works such as books etc.  General typing is any typing work in general such as letters, invoices etc. General typing sometimes may require the typist to add their own innovation into it such as a letter 

How Do You Send And Receive Work?

We operate strictly through email unless required otherwise.  We work with windows, sorry mac users.  You can send us your work as a pdf document attachment.

Do You Accept Handwritten Work?

Yes we accept handwritten work. However any handwritten work where the majority of the text is illegible, will be rejected . Costs for handwritten work is a bit higher, especially if there are errors etc, as this slows down our typists. 

 How Long Does It Takes To Transcribe A Recording?

We are known to speak seven times faster than we write and we speak four times faster than we can type. so basically, you should expect four times the length of the recording. Do keep in mind that there may be other obstacles that could affect the time it takes to transcribe a recording, some of which would include factors like background noise causing words to be barely audible, the clarity of the speaker, the speed of the speech, the different accents, the audio quality and the number of people in the background.

What Happens If You Cannot Hear Certain Words In Your Transcription?

Please read "How is your production carried out" lower down this page.

How Long Will You Keep My Work On File?

Usually we keep it on file for three months and then it is deleted from our system

What If I Receive My Work And There Are Errors In It?

Any errors done on our part will be corrected free of charge provided they are returned to us within 7 days.  However if the errors were done by you, we will charge you the full amount per page to redo the work.  Our advice to you is to carefully review your work before sending it out to us.

How Is Your Production Carried Out?

Okay two things you need to know about production: 

First is that we usually assign one typist to the job unless it is a rush job. If the typist assigned to your task is absent we use the next available and suitable typist to complete the work.

Secondly .. we complete our work to the best of our ability and if we come across dictation, text or words that is unclear, we find it approriate to type what we think the word might be or sounded like and highlight this in yellow, as we prefer not to leave any spaces or gaps.  If the word seems totally foreign to us in that we cannot make out the word(s), then we type a few dashes and highllight these in yellow.  If there is more than one word situated next  to each other, then you will see two separate hightlights to show that its two words not one. When we send your work for review you can then edit and correct any changes.

When Will My Work Be Completed?

It all depends. Sometimes it can be hard to tell exactly your project will be completed until the work is actually finished typing but we can give a close estimate. Reason being is that sometimes the completed work is more or less than the original work. This would vary as we use one standard size page and text (unless specified otherwise) whereas the work you send may be of a different page size or text size or have lots of graphics in it which of course takes up spaces or make the content seem longer.

Do I Get to Review a Sample?

Yes! As a first time customer we know you want peace of mind when it comes to your documents being in the right hands so we normally take the initiative to send you the first page of the document that is providing you are doing bulk work like five pages and up. 

Do You Have A Standard Confidentiality Agreement or Statement of Agreement?

At the moment we do not have a standard confidentiality agreement but we will work on getting one sometime in the near future. Keep reminding us! In the meantime you can do one up yourself and present it to us  :))

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